Salty Approach LLC Operating Rules & Regulations Print

  1. Salty Approach, LLC is organized under the laws of the State of Florida.  The following rules and regulations apply to operations of the airstrip owned by the Salty Approach LLC on Upper Captiva Island, Florida.

  2. The fenced landing area is reserved for aeronautical purposes only.
    • No pedestrians, animals, bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, commercial vehicles or vehicles of any other type are allowed in this area except for loading and unloading of aircraft.
    • Mowers and maintenance vehicles designated by the LLC managers will be allowed on the airport property with their prior approval.

  3. Every Salty Approach LLC member will ensure that each member of their family and any guests are informed of these rules and regulations in order to ensure strict compliance.

  4. Traffic pattern:
    • The airstrip traffic pattern will be a standard left-hand pattern to be flown at 800 feet. A fly-by (low approach) is recommended before landing to check for runway clearance in cases when there is congregation on beaches at either end of the runway. 
    • Departing aircraft may make a right or left 45 degree turn after reaching 400 feet.

  5. Radio communications: CTAF is 122.75
    1. Landing
      • When inbound for landing, but no less than 5 miles from the airport, call Salty Approach, “Upper" or "North Captiva Traffic” and state your position and intentions.  Continue to monitor the frequency and maintain a visual watch.
      • Calls shall be made on downwind, base and final approach.
    2. Take-off
      • Prior to initiating takeoff roll, a call shall be made stating which runway is being used and your direction of flight after takeoff.
      • Prior to taxi, announce your intentions and continually monitor the frequency to avoid any conflicts with other aircraft. 
      • Remember to include Salty Approach, “Upper” or “North Captiva Traffic” on all transmissions.
  6. Touch and Go Landings:
    • Practice touch-and-go landings are prohibited. Exceptions for touch and go landings are for instances of emergency or as determined by the pilot to be required for maintaining safe operations.
  7. Noise:
    • It is our responsibility as pilots to be good neighbors and to do everything possible to keep aircraft noise to a minimum.
    • When possible perform engine run ups in place or while taxiing rather than at the ends of the runway.

  8. Safety:
    • All aircraft shall be parked at the owner’s home site or in the designated aircraft parking areas. Under no circumstances are aircraft to be parked in the right of way of any taxiway, roadway or on the runway in such a manner as to hinder arriving or departing aircraft. All parked aircraft are to be well clear of the runway. 
    • All members will use utmost caution to prevent surface damage to the grass, e.g. use minimum braking on landing and caution to prevent locked wheels when turning. Pilots should make wide turns on the airstrip when safely possible.  
    • Takeoffs will be allowed from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. Landings will be allowed from one half hour prior to sunrise until one half hour after sunset.
    • Be alert for aircraft not monitoring 122.75 when arriving and departing.
     9. Use Rights:
    • Airstrip privileges are extended to all Salty Approach LLC members in good standing, immediate family members, and guests with a properly authorized and displayed guest pass.
    • Salty Approach LLC members not in good standing shall automatically lose their use rights under this section until their obligation or violation has been cleared in writing by the SALLC Managers.
    • No Salty Approach LLC member shall use the airstrip for hire or for any commercial purpose.
    10. Guest Passes:
  • All aircraft not owned or leased by a Salty Approach LLC member and registered with the LLC managers, must display a completely filled out and signed guest pass in the front window.  Unknown aircraft not displaying a pass and not on the LLC managers list, will be considered to be trespassing and dealt with accordingly.
  • Guest passes may not be issued to or for any other North Captiva Island resident, property owner or business.  This includes, but is not limited to, real estate sales, construction, rental agencies and restaurants.
  • Members are encouraged to meet arriving aircraft and pilots, welcome them to the airstrip, offer assistance and  "education" in the case of a non-member or non-guest landing at the airstrip.  
  • Members may call or email a Manager with the tail number of the aircraft and the time and date observed if they have concerns about an aircraft landing on the Salty Approach Airstrip.
  • Final authority as to the issuance of any guest pass shall rest with the LLC managers.
   11. Violations:
  • Any Salty Approach LLC member who violates any rule or regulation will be subject to fines, penalties or suspensions as deemed appropriate by the LLC managers.  Repeated violations will result in permanent loss of use rights.